donderdag 16 mei 2019

Out Of Sight. Chelou

Today we focus on three album. This is number three. We've had Italy, then Greece and now the U.K.

The human cannonball. Out Of Sight is in nothing as spectacular as this circus act, that to all appearances is playing with death. Reality will undoubtedly show that there's nothing left to chance with this act. This is were the link to Out Of Sight is made. A very serious, thoughtful and contemplative album by Chelou, the artist name of Adam Gray. Artist name and album title a perfect symmetry, from different languages.

With Out Of Sight Chelou releases his first full length album after collaborating professionally with other artists since 2013 and releasing singles and an EP.

This album is somewhere between acoustic and electronics. In the midst of melodies and sounds Chelou comes forward. Hesitantly but clearly with his story to tell. In this mix Chelou is the modest little brother of Alt-J. A brother who preferably hovers in the shades, to remain "out of sight" as much possible. From there he'll keep us satisfied and talk to us in the dark, as he sings in the title track. This darkness is one of the trademarks of Chelou. Singing rather subdued without any embellishments worth mentioning.

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The good news is that together with his producers, a few songs were self-produced, the strong points in his songs are highlighted. By bringing the right accents to a song, they come alive. Some are even beautiful.

Out Of Sight is not easy to digest. The listener needs to invest some time before he is rewarded. E.g. with a beautiful, small intro to 'Old Maccy'. An intro that continues and continues up to a point where you will wonder whether this is an instrumental after all. Is it? I invite you to find out for yourself as the musical trip is worth it.


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