woensdag 1 mei 2019

Between Worlds. I Am Oak

Today three singles get some attention. All three special in their own right. Between Worlds is the second one.

Yes, a band like I Am Oak can surprise me, still. Usually I Am Oak can be defined as an ultimate Snowstar Records band, soft-toned ballads that somewhere deep at heart hold a shrouded (indie) rock element despite the softness. An indirectness in playing music that takes a discovering mood to start liking it, combined with an imagination for things not there and dreaming your dreams while listening to the artist's. Despite having a song that ends I Am Oak live sets where the band lifts the mood to ear-splitting levels, I Am Oak fits the mold perfectly.

With Between Worlds I Am Oak not so much changes its basis, yet adds an element that to many will sound familiar. You are all free to name your favourite song in this genre, I'll just stop here and refrain from a guessing game and just sing I Am Oak's praises.

Between Worlds offers a slow rock element that endears me to this song immediately. The slow but extremely prominent piano notes gives the song a feel it is dragging its feet while in real time it creates a beautiful effect. The mildly distorted guitar adds to the feel and to the rock element.

Just listen to how the song begins. Almost hesitatingly the piano opens, almost like the player asks himself if he is playing the right notes. Only when the drums and then the guitars kick in he feels comfortable. All dies away for the verse, where Thijs Kuijken's familiar lilting voice takes over. A voice unfit for rock and ideal for his own music. Between Worlds builds out beautifully after the singing. A mix between the soft and the loud that is just perfect.

There's no way of telling what I Am Oak's next song will sound like, but where I am concerned this one certainly could be a bellwether for the future.

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