donderdag 16 mei 2019

N91°. Logout

Today we write on three albums. This is the second instalment. From Italy we jump to Greece.

This record came to me via Tiny Room Records and of course that fact alone makes me very much aware that for circa 90% of the time I am in for a mild to huge surprise musically. There's no telling what the label is releasing this time.

Listening to N91° for the first time, I had no idea what to make of it. It was hard to find a true song on the album. Atmospherics, "hidden songs" beneath extreme percussion, experiments in sounds, it all came by, but songs? I truly asked myself whether N91° was worthwhile to invest in.

Not that the following fact mattered, but it is a nice coincidence to share. When I started to read the info after deciding to join my experience with you, I found out that the first two albums of Logout were released on Inner Ear Records, as you will know by a now a label whose releases have become a regular feature on this blog; just like Tiny Room Records' are.

What N91° does for and with me, is tickle my curiosity. The moment I returned to the album I did find melodies and songs. At the basis of each song there are songs, well, most of the time. It seems a song is the beginning, the point where Logout starts to work. The structure to deconstruct and revive elements from or simply hide them behind something else (nearly) completely. Like some artwork by Asger Jorn, the Danish COBRA painter who bought classic paintings of landscapes and did some COBRA stuff on them, except here the songs are Logout's, so no destruction of another person's work is involved. Where the fun for and from Logout starts, is the point where others usually have finished.

My curiosity was tickled because I wanted to know what it is I'm hearing, how it works and from there could start to enjoy these details. I will not say N91° is brilliant, it isn't. What it is, is a piece of his imagination that Logout shares with the world. To invest time in and to enjoy thoroughly. To delve into the details, the sounds, the different instruments and how it all comes together within, yes, a song. As you see, this album deserved a review and it nearly wrote itself.


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