dinsdag 5 mei 2015

The Hackensaw Boys live. Paradiso, 04-05-2015

Photo: Wo.
Yes, I know. The Hackensaw Boys were mentioned on this blog twice already in the past week, but a two hour plus show that was as good as this one, deserves a solo mention as well. I will make it short. Paradiso always seems like a home show for the band. The true fans are there. The floor moved, which was a new experience for me in the upper stage (or is the old building slowly caving in?). A few times I thought I was on a ship.

The new songs sound promising, with a few that will become favourites of the fans. With the album scheduled for early fall, that is something to look out for. There was one main difference with the two festival shows I saw last week, the band could play for a whole evening so that meant many older songs which brought smiles on the faces of the people around me. From 'Blue Run' to 'Keep it Simple' and 'Gospel Plow' to 'Alabama Shamrock'. They were all there and built the party to a great height. A lot of dancing going on, happiness all around. The speed of some songs never cease to amaze me. Just looking at the hands and arms flying to keep up the rhythm gives me cramps in my forearms and wrist. "Do we do one more?" and up goes the rhythm again. Whoa!

Photo: Wo.
If anything the band sounded so much tighter that the shows of the previous two tours I attended. The foursome and Dutch bass player Thomas Olivier are a unit. A unit bound for balled energy production and that showed at the three shows I attended. The Hackensaw Boys attract a younger crowd and hipsters, something that is so important in a career. There were people of all ages and the right sort of mix between the genders. The band appeals to all.

Tomorrow the band flies back home, but with a renewed lease on popularity in the Netherlands. Next time with a new album of which I can already sing along with a few songs. That is pretty unique. Guys, thanks for the fun and see you later this year.


You can listen to 'Ruby Pearl' here:


or buy live album 'For the Love' here:

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  1. We received a comment on Twitter from Josh Sidener who let us know that he thinks "Restaurant Girl is genius". We couldn't agree more. Too bad they do not play the song any more.