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Essen bei Sophie. Sophie Hunger live. Patronaat, 08-05-2015

Photo: Wo.
Spaghetti und Spinat is the title of one of the songs on 'Supermoon', Sophie Hunger's new album that was reviewed on this blog recently ( Unfortunately the audience found out that Sophie only eats this recipe on her own. Luckily she plays the song in front of an audience, as this show was as memorable as the previous one this author saw at the same venue in December of 2013. "Enchanting and majestic"were the adjectives given to the show. This was not exactly appropriate for this one. Sure, some of the songs certainly could have passed for songs accompanying fairytales, but also included those for witches, bad stepmothers, etc. And there was a variety of songs that can only be ascribed to hellhounds. A beautiful hell, with some great colours and abundant heat, but only if you enjoy fire, volcanic eruptions and loads of brimstone. Sophie Hunger's new lead guitarist, Geoffrey plays the Adrian Belew role in King Crimson, Frank Zappa or David Bowie or Steve Vai with Frank Zappa. The weirdest sounds escape from his kit. One guitar, two Fender cabinets and a truckload of stompboxes in all shapes and sizes. As part of a song or totally unleashed, going wild beyond every measure. This guy is incredible good, as the whole band around Sophie Hunger is. "I'm so happy to play in this band", she told us when introducing her band, followed by her characteristic shy smile. The one who's incredibly happy is me, seeing such a good artist in such a small venue, so up close. It can only be a matter of time before she's upgraded.

Photo: Wo.
'Supermoon' is an album that is much more contained than her previous album, 'The Danger of Light'. Atmospheric, brooding, darker with more electronic sounds and soundscapes. To my surprise the live show was so much more exuberant, loud and rocking (in parts). Mainly due to the addition of her Belgian guitarist, who's name I did not quite get. This guy was given so much room to excel. This takes nothing away from the other three gentlemen on stage. Her band is very competent and able to play jazzy bits, rockers, ballads and all to perfection. Keyboardist Alexi was allowed again to totally freak out on the piano, fantastic to watch and listen to. His Fluegelhorn playing gave these little extras to the songs.

Photo: Wo.
With one lady standing up front or hiding a little behind her medium sized grand piano. She's the star, the singer, the composer. Extremely graceful and delicate. She led her band through it all and won over the audience to the very last person. With three encores the audience was very lucky. At the final song, Sophie Hunger behind her piano, her band doing background hums, something incredible happened. Was the song finished or not? Nobody off stage seemed to know for sure and remained silent. A silence which lasted and the band just sitting and waiting also. As if to start again at any moment. No one made a sound in the whole room. And the silence lasted, becoming near magical, until someone cheered and every one broke in and the band broke into a smile. This was a true whoa moment. Goosebumps. Unique.

I'm not going to write any more. Sophie Hunger is one of greats of the 10s. Her songs, her performance, her band are all fantastic. It's time others start to find out and build her career out into what it ought to become. Next year Paradiso or larger? I'd not be surprised if Sophie Hunger is a Superman Woman. Record company go and find the right song for the radio and fast.


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