zaterdag 8 februari 2020

Kailey Nicole. Kailey Nicole

If such a thing as country reggae exists, it seems like Kailey Nicole has attempted to create it anyway. The opening song to her eponymous mini album is a tougher sort of country as country comes, yet is playful in the way reggae can be. 'Brand New Day' is an ear catcher that paves the way for the rest of the album that is more conventional, but by that time Kailey Nicole's voice has already caught me.

It is written that she's only 21 at the time of release last January. Her voice has an edge to it that would have made me believe her to be at least twice her age, with a tough live to boot. The nice touch to it all is that she can drop that edge just a little here and there and reveal her true age.

On these pages for the whole of the existence of this blog Karen Jonas can be found with all her albums. Kailey Nicole makes her debut here early on in the new decade. The two singer-songwriters are certainly tied together through their songs and way of singing. Both manage to explore country music beyond the traditional format and come up with interesting variations making their albums strong and fun to listen to. In a way that a "true" country song can be digested by me anyway.

On Kailey Nicole the singer takes the listener through six songs that are all different in nature. The rockabilly likened 'Diamonds And Coal' is replaced by a country pop song and at the end with a mix between a ballad and a country rocker. Over it all this the tough voice of Kailey Nicole is unleashed for us. The result is an album that holds something for everybody. Usually a conclusion like this does not bode well. In this case it does as there isn't a weak song on the mini album. At 21 Ms. Nicole shows quality and a promise for the future. In the meantime let's enjoy this album.


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