donderdag 28 september 2017

OK. Otherkin


Sometimes the title of an album suffices as a review. The only reason stopping me from leaving things at these two letters is that you, reader, need some reference to go by. A reference that is not provided by the two letters.

Still, I'm not going to waste more letters than strictly necessary on OK. There's no need for indepth reflections and thoughts. On OK the Irish lads of Otherkin capture all that it is about. This is the first album by a young band with all the bluster, self-confidence and going for it 110% jumps out of every pore. Guitars are up at strong volumes, the singing is rough, Nirvana is never far away, the bass pumps and the drums pounds. Add to that a feeling for a good melody and spotlights on harmonies where they can be found. It all adds up to a fine debut album full of enthusiastic power-pop-rock with a punky grunge edge.

Promo photo by Jake Haseldine
I think we all know enough right here and there. Otherkin has produced a fine alternatively rocking record. Nothing more but certainly nothing less.


You can listen to 'Bad Advice' here:

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