vrijdag 22 september 2017

Scienza Della Maleducazione. España Circo Este

Whoa, that is some stomach ill. Well, that comes with having an eye that is bigger that your stomach. Even with letters. Studying too much isn't a good thing either, as the cover of Scienza della maleducatione shows.

An Italian band, with Spain in its name and Argentinian roots? Quite confusing. The language the music is sung in is beyond confusion. Except for some words here and there that I picked up on holidays, from tv or wherever, it is incomprehensible to me. So what remains is whether the music and the melodies speak to me. And they do.

Tango punk is what España Circo Este calls its music and I'm o.k. with going along with that. Decades ago there was a French band that had the same effect on me, Les Négrettes Vertes. Some sort of rockified gipsy music I think it was. The Mano Negra hit from around the same era comes to mind also. So what we have is a hard hitting drum, an uptempo playing band, room for an acoustic guitar, a pumping bass and vocals that invites singing, excuse me, shout along with and finally some more exotic flavours to the music.

In the opening song 'Lo Stomaco E Il Bullone' (there's that stumach again) and the following 'Mal Education' go with the description above the whole way. A violin enters the whole, giving the gypsy influence an extra touch. The party is going in full swing.

What happens next is that the speed is taken away for sweeter songs. A sort of, near cheesy ballad is presented by España Circo Este. In the way 'Dammi Un Besso' is played it is clear that the song is far from cheesy, but give to another singer and it will be horrible to listen to. Here the chugging rhythm, the little organ, give 'Dammi Un Besso' an alternative flavour.

It shows that the band can deliver in more than one style which is important when the album is so full of enthusiastic music.

Promo photo: Marianna Fornaro
Scienza Della Maleducazione is España Cirso Este's second album after 'La Revolucion Del Amor' released in 2015. Since the band has been touring Europe with rising acclaim. The reason for that ought to be extremely simple. If this band plays live with the energy the album promises, a live show has to be a roof-raising experience. The record is just an excuse to build a large party around the haunts of Europe.

Luckily Scienza Della Miseducazione goes beyond just that. On its own the album is quite enjoyable. It is far more varied than I ever expected after the two opening songs. There are dynamics within songs and on the album as a whole. From 'Tango KG' that holds back here and there, to 'La Veterana' where the band keeps a pounding rhythm to explode totally in all the right places, it is a party to listen to. Hot and spicy.

So that leads me to make my final comparison. The band that holds the patent on catch and release, Gogol Bordello, has a fine follower with the potential to catch up one of these days. Scienza Della Maleducazione caught me totally unwares and captured me without letting go. The band comes out to tour this fall, so if you're into punky gipsy parties, this band is the feast to go to.


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