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Interview with Larry and his Flask´s Jamin Marshall

Interview for WoNo Magazine and WoNoBloG by Wout de Natris

The mix of musical styles of the band is, perhaps not unique, but quite radical. What are the main influences on the band’s music?
Our influences range all the way from Johnny Cash to The Beastie Boys. From Doc Watson to Rage Against the Machine. From 2 PAC to Django  Reinhardt. We are Music lovers, we listen to just about every style of music.

The approach of music is very ecstatic and filled with loud playing and singing. How do you keep the balance, as it is a thin line between perfect and too full.
I think over time we just got used to all the chaos and learned how to incorporate all the instruments without it sounding too full. We got better at backing off at times and letting someone else fill in the space.

The ending to ‘Manifest destiny’ and ‘Ebb and flow’ are surprising. The first the most of course. Where did the idea come from to come up with such a radical change to the songs?
We do like to change up the sound and tempo of our songs quite a bit. We just like to keep people on their toes.        

According to the website the band is around for nine years. What caused the change that made the band expand, change musical direction and lastly reach out to the world?
Our original drummer left the band and we were forced to step out of our comfort zone and play new music and then bring in new players. The change in sound just kind of happened naturally. It wasn't premeditated. And it continues to change and grow. As far as reaching out to the world goes, that is also a natural process of a never ending tour schedule. It was something we always wanted to do and now our dreams are coming true.

What came first, the idea to expand or the concept to change the musical direction?
To tell you the truth, since the very begging of the band we have been trying to expand. By that I mean, we started touring before we even knew how to play our instruments very well. We always just wanted to go go go. By doing so we eventually learned how to sing and play. Its an ongoing process. We were always out there on the road searching for like minded people to show our music to.

The band is from central Oregon. In how far is this in influence on the band? Is there a “Larry and his Flask scene?
I think that where you come from always has an influence on you as an artist even if its not obvious right up front. Bend and Redmond aren't big cities and our music scene when we were growing up was small but tight nit. So we got to be good friends with the promoters and bands and got to see first hand how it was done and what not to do. I think that helped us to think "Hey, we can do this!" 

As far as a "Larry and his flask scene" goes, we do have a great group of fans and supporters that come out to every show and party with us.

The artwork for ‘All that we know’ is an eye-catcher. What can you tell us about (your connection to) the painter, Randi Hobbs?
Actually, I have known Randi since High School. We have been friends for many years now. And she has been dating our lead singer Ian Cook for years. In the past three years or so she has been our merch girl and has been helping us out with art work for our albums and what not. She also did the art for our new EP which is coming out in September.

“Is life and death still all that we know?” Is this meant to make people remember the time in between?
I think so. Ian wrote that but I think he wants us all to ponder our lives and make sure that we take advantage of every moment. 

Some lyrics point to a fight or fighting someone or something. In how far is this a theme for the band?
I would say that it mostly represents an internal battle. We all have everyday problems and fights that we must overcome in order to become better people.

Most songs are sung by Ian, two by Andrew. Does this say anything on who wrote the lyrics? Who is responsible for songwriting in general?
Yes. Most of the time the person that sings the song also wrote it. However there are some songs that Jesse  and I wrote a long time ago that Ian now sings. Most of the time Ian or Andrew will write a song and then bring it to practice and we will all add parts and complete it as a whole.

Is there a chance to see the band again over in Europe in the near future?
Yes indeed. We are making plans to come back as soon as possible, hopefully within the next 6 months or so. We had a great time over there and will be sure to make it a yearly trip.

During the show in Leiden you announced a new EP. When can we expect new music?
Our new EP will be called "Hobo's Lament" and will be released some time next month. (September 2012, Wo.)       

To finish up. Who’s Larry and what about his flask?
Larry is the wild party animal locked inside of each one of us that just wants to dance and drink and have a good time at a show. And the Flask is what gives him his magic powers!

Thanks for taking your time to answer the questions and looking forward to meet again.
You are very welcome. The pleasure was all mine. See you soon.

Jamin Richard Marshall

You can order 'All that we know' and other goodies here.

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