donderdag 18 juni 2015

Miles At Monterey. I Drove A Tank

Today we publish on the two new single releases from Antwerp based label I Havve A Tiger Records. The second review is on I Drove A Tank's new single.

2014 came with a nice surprise from Belgium in the form of that nice cd by I Drove A Tank. If you like to refresh your memory click here: So many viewers liked the cd (or my review of course) that it easily made the top 10 of best read posts of that year.

Now the band is back with a first single announcing a new EP that is to be released in the fall of 2015. The somewhat loosely played pop with influences from The Kinks onwards in time has disappeared. Instead I Drove A Tank presents us some loosely played, much more noisy and muddy rock song that has 60s and 90s spelled out all over it. The fun thing is that this 60s storm called Miles At Monterey easily gives away the quality of song and band, no matter the amount of mud one has to wade through.

I Drove A Tank celebrates listening to a Miles Davis record (or cd or something even more modern of course). It was a dark, grey and wet day, a day to immerse oneself into music. With rain currently falling down and the temperature dropping fast, I can reciprocate the action easily and immerse myself into the intricacies of this song with the title of another record.

The music certainly is rock. The intro could have been by any band of the likes of Jet or The Vines, just to name some Australian examples. It's solid, rocks out and heavier than I remember I Drove A Tank to be. The rest of the song is more experimental, with a muddied, psychedelic sound. Instruments fly in from all corners, so there's something to discover the whole of the way.

The outro does right to the spirit of Miles. After the tight instrumental middle section, which easily could have been the end, the band lets it rip. Guitars all over the place, playing off and against each other, they hurtle out of control towards an imaginary finishline. Down a steep mountain path with endless depths on both sides, unable to stop. Loose boulders and potholes in need of avoiding at neck-breaking speed. Yes, I like this new song by I Drove A Tank. It's a little experimental without forgetting the basis: the song and is exciting. I can't wait for the new EP to be released.


You can listen to Miles At Monterey here:

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