donderdag 18 juni 2015

Bags. The LVE

Today two new single releases on the I have A Tiger label from Antwerp. First The LVE.

The LVE? Wasn't this band called Lightning Vishwa Experience? Yes, but with the debut album in sight it decided to shorten up. The LVE is what we have to make do with at this point in time. Last year I raved about that beautiful single 'Love When You Don't Want It' (read here: A song so beautiful that it is most likely impossible The LVE will ever up it. .No heard it for the first time and decided to broadcast it in his 'Kairos' radio show on Concertzender. A band could stop work just because it made one flawless song. The LVE continued its work, as bands must and do, so here we go.

Bags is the first single from an album that will be released soon. As I expected Bags is no new 'Love When You Don't Want It'. In part that is simply luckily so. It gives me something new to set my teeth in. Bags holds an atmosphere of its own and is able to conquer me by the spin. The song reminds me a little of 'Dignity' by Deacon Blue. Another song that caught me unaware at a festival in The Hague in 1987(?). Bags captures that sad moment when a relationship breaks for ever: the moment everything is packed, just before the door closes for the final time. The LVE catches that moment in a beautiful but sad way. I'm only two songs into the band's repertoire but these two songs capture a defining moment, that point in time when a life changes for good, in a way that speaks in volumes to those who listen. A moment where at some point in our lives we have all been in our own way. In other words The LVE is special.

Gerrit, Sara, Rienk, Bert, Joes and Thomas are on to something here that make me look forward to the album. Still a few months to go. I'd be surprised if this album does not turn up on these pages.


You can listen to Bags here:

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  1. On Twitter we received the following response: "Thank you @WoNoMagazine for the nice words and for understanding and feeling our music so well!"