maandag 15 september 2014

Ocean bound. TMGS

Again a single is released by Belgian band TMGS: Ocean bound. Following the themes of many songs on its brilliant album 'Rivers & coastlines: The ride', it is another song that reflects the desire to leave home. Further away than the ocean is hard to imagine. Nothing but water and air as far as one can see and no one around. Peter Lodiers' dreamy voice reflects this atmosphere in a complete and satisfactory way. It's all about the desire, not necessarily the result that counts here.

With Ocean bound TMGS approaches those dreamy, teenage love songs of legendary band Big Star closer than ever before. Perfect pop with perfect harmonies and intricate playing of all instruments that fit each other like a glove. TMGS has some extra aces up its sleeves as well: the two horn players, the desolation of lonesome surf guitar and some great, warm organ tossed in. Individually each sound gives the music this little extra that together turn into a huge plus.

Ocean bound is another song that stands the test of all things pop brilliantly and holds it own against 45 years of pop and rock history. It ought to be a matter of time before a lot of people start to notice the true beauty of the music of TMGS.

Each spin of Ocean bound gives away another small detail of the mix. A few piano notes, another guitar line, the fine basslines in the back ground, some extra cymbals. So much attention was put into the details of Ocean bound that it is nothing but a feast to listen to it. Just one question remains: when are we treated to a full album?

Finally, the song comes with a beautiful video about the beauty of nature. The kind of nature without any humans in it. The beauty of Earth, Sun, light, clouds and shades. Everything except an ocean, which corresponds with the title of course. The singer is bound there, not there yet. Just click below for a view and above all a listen to the beautiful Ocean bound.


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