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TMGS live. Het Dokhuis, Amsterdam Thursday 18 April 2019

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What to add to all the words I have already given this band from Antwerp via Kalmthout in the past years? Superlatives are simply not enough to describe the beauty of its music. Music that brings a little piece of heaven to earth. That ought to do.

Another venue in Amsterdam I had never heard of, Het Dokhuis. Looking at it from the decorations it is not very much unlike De Vondelbunker and only a little more alternative than De Nieuwe Anita. The venue held an exposition, artists were holding a meeting, people were eating and drinking and downstairs in the cellar every Thursday something musical happens. This Thursday TMGS.

At full force, so with a peddle steel guitar and two trumpet players, the band showed the unfortunately modest audience what it is capable of. It is a lot. Having eight people on the stage means that not only a lot of sounds comes from it, with TMGS it also stands for a richness in sound and the diversity coming with so many different instruments. It allows the band to create several moods within a song. A country element is easily interchanged for a rock sound or solo, while the trumpets bring a Mexican mariachi mood immediately. My first and still most favourite TMGS song 'Tell Everyone' (thank you for the mention and tribute!), holds all that. The song is just over six minutes of total bliss. Every time the trumpets kick in there's such a huge smile on my face and an inner happiness that is indescribable. And 'Tell Everyone' was only the beginning of my TMGS trip. Most of all though, the music holds this beautiful mix between melancholy and happiness, a longing for things past while looking with positive expectations to things to come, while living in the moment, this moment of sheer beauty. It is that word that really sums up what I heard, once again.

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Peter Lodiers is a fantastic songwriter and has people around him that are able to arrange songs in excellent ways. Songs that stand out immediately. Songs that deserve to be heard the world over. Unfortunately this is all I can do to contribute. In a small circle of friends the band is known and appreciated over the past years, so there is hope.

Playing for so little people (hey, Dokhuis, if you have a band playing a mention on the website is a sort of minimum) the show becomes a public rehearsal. The TMGS members showed the fun they have in playing their songs and the focus to make this show work. They have every right to be proud of their songs and TMGS let the tiny spec of the world called Het Dokhuis know it.


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