woensdag 24 april 2019

99 Cent Dreams. Eli 'Paperboy' Reed

This is today's second instalment of a short piece about a recently released album.

I can't remember having written about an album by Eli 'Paperboy' Reed. Live, yes, in 2012 at a Leiden pop festival. That is nearly seven years ago.

Listening to 99 Cent Dreams nothing has changed musically, like it has not since Reed's first album that I must have somewhere in my collection. And that is exactly the trouble with Eli 'Paperboy' Reed. His music is already based on soul music from the 60s. Music he covers, while playing his originals mind, quite aptly musically and vocally. There's absolutely nothing wrong with his albums. They have an authentic feel. He sings extremely well. Yet, somehow his albums never truly come alive. Listening to the very first notes opening 99 Cent Dreams I feel like bursting out into "How sweet it is to be loved by you", that 1964 Marvin Gaye classic. That says it all for me. Sam Cooke? Covered as well.

99 Cent Dreams is an album for soul aficionados. I am not one, so I get my fill from hearing an old hit song here and there every once in a while. And, yes, one or two Eli "Paperboy' Reed's are totally welcome as well. Running into him live at a festival? Excellent. An whole album? That is just a little too much for me. Reed follows his favourites very closely, so always colours within the lines set out close to 60 years ago. That leaves little room for originality, let alone for fireworks.


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