woensdag 24 april 2019

Discomfort. Jacco Wynia

Today several recently released albums will be presented. Not in the usual long style but as a smaller piece. Simply because the record deserves attention, yet somehow does not get the full attention it may deserve. This is the first instalment.

Jacco Wynia released his second album mid-March. It is an album solely filled with piano compositions. Those following this blog on a regular basis will have noticed that more records in this vein have found their way to these pages.

This is the kind of music that presents a binary choice. Either you listen and melt away in it, to become one with the music or it is not noticed at all. Not listening equals not hearing. I have listened and noticed how easy it is to simply let go while listening. My mind follows the minor changes in the compositions, that all have a slightly dark, romantic undertone. The deeper segment of the keyboard is played, making Discomfort a darkish album. The title is totally wrong in as far that I feel no qualms whatsoever while listening. Instead I am soothed if not rested when having listened to (parts of) Discomfort.

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I have not enough knowledge of the piano to judge whether Jacco Wynia is an exceptional piano player. It is beside the point in my opinion. His music has a distinct impact on the listener, so the result is there. Discomfort is a beautiful, modest album that soothes the soul.


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