vrijdag 13 juli 2018

If You Want This To Mean Something. No Ninja Am I

As this EP is out for a few days already, it is high time to write a few words on it. Just a few weeks back I received an e-mail announcing No Ninja Am I's new EP.

The recording was more or less a coincidence it seemed. There was a studio, a microphone and time. Before Sander van Munster realised it, he had four songs recorded. Many people may wish to have such coincidences in their lives.

The result, If You Want This To Mean Something, is a speck on the face of time and space, yet of a seemingly perfect beauty. Just a man and his guitar. What you hear, is all there is. This could have been the most intimate performance possible, one in a living room. Where the artist plays in front of a small, but devout audience, following each note and turn in the melodies.

The songs on this EP are all of such a delicate nature. As delicate as an old 78 RPM record. Songs like 'Saviour Blues' and especially 'Sister Of The Moon' are so delicate that it is easy to imagine them breaking at a too wild a touch.

What is harder, is how to place If You Want This To Mean Something in the whole of No Ninja Am I. There's the live band, the more electronic side and now a purely acoustic solo set. I've decided not to bother with thoughts like these and cast them aside. This EP is nothing but a gift to mankind. The title of the EP is completely correct. "If you want this to mean something, this could mean everything to you", Sander van Munster sings in the title song. It is this what is on offer, absolute musical beauty. Time for you to unwrap this present, dear reader.


You can listen to and buy If You Want This To Mean Something here:


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