maandag 5 augustus 2013

March of the dead zombies

There are slow zombies, and there are fast zombies.

28 Days Later: fast zombies
Dawn of the Dead (remake): fast zombies
Night of the Living Dead: slow zombies
Dawn of the Dead(original): slow zombies

When you run into zombies your odds of survival are higher when you are dealing with slow zombies, you've read the Zombiepedia survival guide (, or your name is Brad Pitt.

If fast zombie have any music associated with them it is speed metal, perhaps, or 500 beats per minute speedcore. Slow zombies on the other hand are melodic by nature (if you can say that of a zombie). With their slow rhythmic pace, they seem to embody Rhythm and (lost) Soul. For slow Zombies the ideal day seems to be dancing while hunting for a tasty artery. A bunch of them always seem to be line dancing. Michael Jackson's Thriller zombies were a bunch of funky buggers, it is their nature.

Preparing myself for a Zombie wave I read the just mentioned Zombiepedia survival guide, an important recommendation was missing: Come armed with sax, turntable, rapper and a funky baseline. 

Jake Wherry en Ollie Teeba give an excellent demonstration here.


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