maandag 17 juni 2013

Statelines (EP). Dylan Jacobsen

You can listen to and download Statelines for free here.

Another gem that provided me with. Statelines is an EP with four songs in which Dylan Jacobsen struts his stuff. The music is advertised as alternative country, but a (pop)rock moniker would work just as well. Certainly for the first two songs. 'All night long' is this fun song, that if sung by Bon Jovi would effortlessly be one of the best songs by that band. You've guessed, I'm not a real fan, though it had its few moments. 'All night long' pleases me not a little though. This starts with the voice of Jacobson that is very pleasant to listen to, according to my ears.

At the basis of all songs on Statelines is the acoustic guitar. This is the point where Dylan Jacobsen's songs start, his guitar and his voice. (Great name by the way, Dylan and Jacob in one. 'All night long could have been a song of The Wallflowers.) After that the rest follows. Jacobsen is a singer-songwriter at heart. 'See you around' attests to this most. "All that we had is coming down, I'll see you around'. Just the right bittersweet tone is found in this song. With a great bridge lifting the song to even higher standards. If anything else shows through his lyrics its his love for music as he is not afraid of mentioning some big names here. You will find out by taking a listen.

No, there's nothing original on this EP. Everything has been done before. Gin Blossoms is the band that comes to mind most listening to the songs. Dcmnd foremost. Here Josh Withenshaw of Every Avenue sings a duet with Dylan Jacobsen. There's nothing wrong with sounding like a band that scored its hits in the 90s of the last century, when the songs are as much fun as they are on Statelines. The electric guitar lines are fluent and inventive. The melody of the songs are all more than alright. The songs sound great and well played, with a keen ear for the right sort of variations in the accompaniment that make them stand out. A change in tempo, a bridge, a fun guitar part, Statelines has it all.

Dylan Jacobsen's voice reminds me of Shane Alexander, a slightly darker shaded version though. Still it comes close, a clear voice that smooths my ears.

Jacoben may have to find his own signature music in times to come. For now this is good enough. Four very good and varied songs that set a standard for his work to come. I'm surely looking forward to hearing more.


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