donderdag 6 juni 2013

Bevrijdingspop Haarlem 2013

This year I saw four acts play, five if I count the duo Speelman & Speelman that does the interludes. You can find the reviews on the blog. Let me write a few words on the festival as a whole as well. The concept to have Liberation festivals around the country is around for some years, but until last year I never went to one. The organisation is huge and coordinated. A whole part of the city of Haarlem is dedicated to the festival and an important road totally closed off in order to have a clear and safe route among all the different stages and attractions. 10.000s go to the festival, enjoying the music, the weather, the attractions, the market or just the people, the food and the beer. Not unlike the even huger free festival Parkpop in The Hague. It's a party for the whole town.

Whether celebrating liberty with free music is the right way to make people understand the concept of freedom better or what the value of being free is, is debatable. The message is shared and heard several times during the day.

The organisation is professional and near impeccable. Organising a festival is big business and the level of professionalism around Bevrijdingspop attests to that. From the token dispensers to food and drinks everywhere, the catering is omnipresent. The routes are wide and accessible, despite the amount of people. Left over tokens can be returned. As always the toilets for ladies led to long rows, so I was told. Further no complaints.

The quality of the sound was fairly good and the screens at the main stage made sure everyone can see what is happening. The interludes by Speelman & Speelman were well timed, heighten the atmosphere and the duo's festival song remains a hit. "Pom pom pom pom". As with most festivals it is not about the artists really, but about the festival. Still, Bevrijdingspop 2013 had an interesting line up with local talent and national acts. A small stage with all sorts of music styles. For everyone there was something.

In other words, compliments all around.  I'm already looking forward to 2014's edition.


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