vrijdag 20 juli 2012


Goat in French castle. Foto Wo.

Dear reader of WoNo Magazine's blog,

We're on holiday. We hope you have enjoyed the first half year of this blog and look forward to continue in a few weeks. If you visit this site for the first time, leaf through our blog to find reviews, interviews and a few stories. We hope you find your way back to us in August.

Are you interested to participate yourself, please let us know. You are welcome to join this blog as a writer, photographer, reviewer of albums or shows and of any sort of music or perhaps you have an original idea yourself? As long as it is on music feel free to suggest it to us.

WoNoBloG is the digital extension of WoNo Magazine, the music magazine that's published when it's published. Links to the last two issues of this free Dutch language magazine on music are found in the back pages of this blog.

WoNo Magazine sadly lost its photographer this spring. If you're interested to have your pictures on music published, let us know.

Best wishes,

WoNoBloG team

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