vrijdag 6 juli 2012

Al Perkins remembers Cees en Michel van Latesteijn

During the production of WoNo Magazine 12.3, Michel van Latesteijn became 
very seriously ill. 
Michel and his father Cees, who died in 2011, had a special bond with 
Al Perkins. When AL heard the bad news, he sent us a personal message for 

Unfortunately, Michel died before Al's message arrived. 
Al allowed us to publish it nevertheless. 
We hope Michel and Cees have internet access in heaven, so they can read 
Al's message from up-there. And if not, maybe it may inspire you: 
Dear Wino Penris,
Thank you for your nice message and request.
Also, I'm very sorry to hear of Cees's demise, and I would like to send 
my best to Michel during his illness, and also thank him for his pictures. 
We have always enjoyed the hospitality they have shown us when we played 
at the Q-bus in Leiden.  I would encourage Michel to draw near to God in 
this trying time.  The Lord is not only able to strengthen us when we are 
weak, but heal us too!  I would ask everyone to join with me to pray for 
Al Perkins
Al Perkins & Cees van Latesteijn
Michel van Latesteijn

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