maandag 31 december 2018

WoNoBlog's 2018 list of best read posts

The end of a year always gives pause for reflection. It is the same on this blog. Yesterday we presented regular contributor Erwin Zijleman's record of the year.

Today we present your favourite posts, the ones that were most read. The number one comes with some doubts. This discussion between three gentlemen, after a normal number of views, in spring became popular in the Russian Federation, exploded during my summer break and still attracts viewers each day from there. On this blog and I suppose on many others, unfortunately this means that something goes on that I can only guess at. Still, the post comes with a Spotify list of 67 extremely enjoyable songs from the 60s. So go on and take a listen anyway. All the others are normal scores and I am glad with your views. Should you have missed a post, there's a link provided to all 10.

Thank you for reading and taking your time to enjoy what we present. We hope to meet online again in 2019. Here are your favourites!

10. Feliz EP. Feliz

9. Nancy Kleurenblind & De Zingende Roadie. Nancy Kleurenblind & De Zingende Roadie

8. The Light. Tango With Lions

7. Moving Targets. The Peawees

6. Our Country: Americana Act II. Ray Davies

5. "Tiny Room is eigenlijk een familie!" Interview met Stefan Breuer

4. Scarlett Roses. Grayson Capps

3. Live At Jazz Middelheim. Chantal Acda and Bill Frisell

2. Risha. David Eugene Edwards & Alexander Hacke

1. 67 Songs from the 60s. A discussion

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