woensdag 31 januari 2018

Dream Wife. Dream Wife

Noisy, punk infused rock from the U.K. Young and loud. With Shame we have already highlighted one such band recently. With Dream Wife we introduce an all woman trio from the U.K. that plays and certainly sings in a lighter vain then Shame. For the rest the band delves into the same well for inspiration. The punk explosion of 1977 is where things Dream Wife starts and from there all sorts of girl bands come in from The Go-Gos to The Bangles and more recent like The Courtneys. Things may be rougher, but the girl quality songs are a part of the musical make up of Dream Wife.

Being just three is the limit Dream Wife accepts in making its music. Guitar - bass - drums have to the work. The voices do the rest. Named after a 1953 movie (Cary Grant - Deborah Kerr) with a feminist twist, Icelandic singer Rakel Mjöll, Alice Go (guitar) and Bella Podpadec (bass) (I have no clue who plays all the drums) met in Brighton where they decided to form a band. From there the art college they met at is left behind for what it is and on to world domination. Like Shame they tour Australia early February.

Over the past years of this blog many girl bands have passed the review. At a certain point I had sort of heard enough as all these bands started to sound like one another. And on comes Dream Wife, like a dream indeed. The fresh sound of 'Dream Wife' and the wilder, more punky style seems just to be what I needed by now.

It isn't even necessary to pick out a specific song. They all have an inner standard, a way to explode in my face and grab me. Dynamics work in a great way. The enthusiasm is just so enticing. Sitting still is not an option. Singing along simply mandatory. Dream Wife cites Blondie as an inspiration. It must be the Blondie of 'Parallel Lines' but most of all 'Plastic Letters'. Like Debbie Harry the ladies of Dream Wife may purr, but ought not to be approached without a firm glove on. There's a clear hint of danger in the music, laced with a hint of pop disguised as anger. This music holds the right mix of it all. A rare thing these days.


You can listen to and buy 'Dream Wife' here:


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