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The Maureens live. Q-Bus Leiden, 10-04-2015

Photo: Wo.
 An incredible small amount of people showed up for an incredibly fun band. If the colleagues of keyboard player Bas hadn't showed up, we would almost have been the only people in the room. Announced as a try out gig for the new album, The Maureens played like they should and have fun as well.

That afternoon I listened to The Maureens on Spotify and liked what I heard. Not exceptional, but certainly good. Pop with an indie variation on an alt.americana kind of twist and a lot of singing, singing and singing. During the show I thought to hear The Jayhawks half of the time. There was one major difference: The Jayhawks were so boring on stage that I left early opting to catch the last train instead of depending on the night train. (Somewhere long ago in the mid or late 90s, in the days before WoNo Magazine.) No such problem with The Maureens. No problem at all.

Photo: Wo.
If anything the band knows how to write a pop song and also knows where the harmonies are in a song. as my girlfriend said: "The fun things you can do with just an ooh or aah". Courtesy of Bas on keyboard. Bas van de Looij en Hendrik-Jan de Wolff (there appear to be two Basses in The Maureens) write the songs and sing the double vocal lines. Yes, in The Jayhawks style, but also The Everly Brothers are a clear influence on the two. And TMGS, my dear Belgian friends, were hidden in the mix also. Listening to the two and three voices intertwine on stage was a sheer pleasure.

But there's more. With three guitarists in the line up a lot is possible. From the most delicate lead lines to vast eruptions all over Hendrik-Jan's rhythm guitar strumming, all came by. Underneath that all is a tight rhythm section and weaving in and out of it all is the organ. Together The Maureens create a playful sort of music that is great to listen to on stage.

Photo: Wo.
And there's Dolly. If you look in the background of the first picture you may just find out what I mean. Dolly the mascot of The Maureens can be found on stage.

Not all was well, as there were a lot of small mistakes, none that stopped the show, but mistakes none the same. The may a be an explanation though. Looking at the photo's on the website of the band, I'm under the impression that 50% on show there was not present this Friday night. Absent or replaced? That may count as the reason as well as an excuse. Still, that has to be better come September. On the 12th the new album is released with a party in Ekko in Utrecht after which the band embarks on a fall tour. Something to look out for.


You can listen to 'Early June' here:


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