maandag 11 november 2013

Cottonwool (A blogpost told as it happened)

Vancouver, around 7:30 in the morning, a little south of Gastown.

I woke up early and am walking through town. Almost purposeless, alone, thoughtless, without a clear sense of where I am going. It's a busy conference week, the only purpose of this brisk walk is to clear my head. Normally I take some music for a walk but today I left the in-ears at the hotel and enjoy the sound of the city while I continue to wake up.

I started the day with Lamb's Cottonwool in the Fila Brazilia Mix as the wake-up alarm --- The sentence "I could wrap you up in cottonwool" is a bit of a bizarre concept, come to think of it. The drum-and-bass-rhythm still in my head determine my pace, the lament of the song my mood. The streets are empty. The atmosphere is filled with neither mist nor drizzle, an almost dry undefined rain fills the air.

It strikes me that most people I see are troubled. Why would you be walking in an area where there are no offices, no business, few working-class apartments? In a part of town that seems to be build for the night? I feel safe, although it seems better to avoid the hollow eyes of some of those passing. Acid or paranoia?, no need to know the cause.

One guy, on the phone, concentrated on the call and with energetic pace approaches me. No hollow eyes this one, clearly minding his business. While passing I overhear one side of the conversation. He rounds the corner and I register what he said:

"I can sell you two hundred thousand dollars worth of bus tickets".

A bit of a bizarre concept, come to think of it.


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