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Worry Dolls live. Q-Bus, Leiden Wednesday 10 January 2018

Photo by Wo.
"(All I've got is a red guitar) three chords and the truth", Bono sang in 'All Along The Watchtower', U2s cover track of Jimi Hendrix' 1968 hitsingle. It was seen as the truth for nearly 30 years. Since 10 January 2018 I'm going to change things for once and for all. Having heard the Worry Dolls live this phrase has to be changed to "All I've got is a guitar and a banjo, three chords and harmonies". Man, can these girls sing.

Together with Drummer Finn, of half Dutch descend, Zoe Nichol and Rosie Jones played a very sweet, nice but most of all totally convincing show in Q-Bus, Leiden. From the get go, ''Train's Leaving' the two young woman stood there singing with a smile on their faces and the intention to have a good time while providing the audience one as well. In this Worry Dolls succeeded totally.

I had been drawn to the show by the album 'Go Get Gone' (read my review here: The harmonies and the way of playing sound so utterly nice that I could not resist going to Leiden once more. Of course on the album Worry Dolls is accompanied by Nashville musicians who ride from studio to studio to do their thing for scores of artists. The question was how does the duo translate this interpretation of its music into a live show?

Photo by Wo.
The answer was basically as elementary as possible. Hence my opening statement. I have never seen professional musicians play at such a basic level, where nevertheless everything fell into the right spot. Not just a little, but sheer perfection, without a single moment that a song got to a point that it felt glib or sounded too good to be true. No rhinestones here, just pure diamonds and gold. Two voices that seem to be made for each other to sound perfect together. So much power and ease went into the singing. When a song was played on the piano instead of a banjo, I had the impression that Zoe Nichol had just learned to play the instrument and needed all her concentration to play. Yet, I was simply astounded by the total sound of that piano with a small guitar, some easy played drums and then, again, those voices. Nothing else was needed except for the perfect sound mix.

As an aside. Again I was taken by how haunted a banjo can sound. Just a few, slow played notes, some reverb and it's like walking around in a ghost house, with no idea what's up in store just behind the door.Worry Dolls use the effect sparingly but to great effect in its songs.

I thought that the album was good. Live Worry Dolls is a revelation. I can't tell you what more these two women need to play far bigger venues in this country and elsewhere soon. They have the songs, the music, the voices and the enthusiasm to capture audiences. Go, Worry Dolls!


You can listen to and buy Worry Dolls' music here:

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