woensdag 3 januari 2018

WoNoBlog's Top 25 best read posts ever, 2017

Last year we extended the number of best read post to 25, which is just over 1% of the posts released to date and slinking by the day. This summer we passed the number of 2000 posts. In fact, since February of 2012 we have posted 2100 plus posts on albums, live shows, books, movies, dvds, .NoWordsNeeded, some stories, etc.

This year we had three different posts in the most read #1 position. Starting out with last year's #1, The Analogues, in a firm lead on the #2. This year we first had a new number 1 in the winter. Despite being a post from the very first days of this blog, after someone put it on Facebook (again), views soared. It didn't last though, as a progrock band from Norway also posted its album's' review on Facebook. No post has been read better to this date. At the end you will find out what band I'm writing about.

One noticeable alteration shows because of this trend. Slowly this list is saying goodbye to very early posts that somehow remained among the best read ones. With the two exceptions that just remain popular throughout the years.

You will find many new entries, all thanks to Facebook postings from bands or record labels. So now we editors, you readers and acts know the secret of getting more views. We like to be read, so keep posting! Let's count down your favourites.

25 (14). Endless Love. Sivert Høyem (2014)

24 (13). Larry and his Flask live, Q-Bus Leiden (2012)

23 (11). The Kyteman Orchestra. A masterpiece? (2012)

22 (-).   John Lee Hooker's World. Hugo Race and Michelangelo Russo (2017)

21 (-).   Burn Beautiful Things. Alejandro Escovedo (2017)

    (10). The Stars Are Indifferent To Astronomy. Nada Surf (2012)

19 (-).  Moon Moon Moon. Help! Help! release party, 6 April 2017 (2017)

18 (19). Teacher Deely. Interview with Chuck Deely (2012)

17 (12). Canshaker Pi. Canshaker Pi (2016)

16 (25). Night Thoughts. Suede (2016)

15 (-).   4. The Desoto Circus (2017)

14 (-).   When On Fire. Christine Owman (2017)

13 (-).   Feels Like Going Home. The Box Set. The Walkabouts (2017)

12 (7).  The Double EP. A Sea Of Split Peas. Courtney Barnett (2014)

11 (8).   Wilder Mind. Mumford & Sons (2015)

10 (-).   Down Hearted Blues. Eilen Jewell (2017)

9 (9).    Lay Low. Lou Doillon (2015)

8 (5).   See You On The Ice. Carice van Houten (2012)

7 (3).   Je Doet Je Best Maar Verder. Aafke Romeijn (2016)

6 (4).   Damaged Good. Bettie Serveert (2016)

5 (-).   Bowie For Dummies, by Tineke G. (2017)

4 (1).   The Analogues live, at Schouwburg IJmuiden (2016)

3 (2).   One Day (Reckoning Song), Asaf Avidan (Wankelmut RMX) (2012)

2 (6).   Gé Hofenk (2012)

1 (-).   Remedies. Soup (2) (2017)

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