woensdag 25 december 2019

The Top 100 of the 10s, part 7

Another day a contribution to the list of the 10s. Wo. starts at #70 and counts down to 61. Is one of your favourite albums among these? Let us know and share your faves.

70. Heartaches And Hot Problems. Justine and the Unclean (2018)
One of the many Rum Bar Records releases that found its way to this blog in the last year. This mini album deserves a spot in this list as it is so deliciously dirty. These ladies and gentlemen of a certain age punk rock on like there's no tomorrow and why should there be one when punk rock comes around this good?

69. Places. Lou Doillon (2012)
The first of three albums by Ms. Doillon in this list. With each release she has become better. This album almost passed me by in the year of release and was forgotten by me until I bought it together with the album 'Rest' of her half sister Charlotte Gainsbourg, also to be found in this list. Ever since it plays regularly in my home and straight into this list.

68. Bookmark. Beth Wimmer (2017)
The latest album by U.S. born, Swiss resident Beth Wimmer is a beauty. The previous album 'Ghosts And Men' came close, this one made it totally. With her beautiful voice, songwriting talent and great backing band the album is a joy to listen to, just like Ms. Wimmer is live.

67. Bang The Drum. The Maureens (2015)
The second The Maureens album in this list. This album is so extremely melodically strong. Beatlesque is the word one is supposed to use in such circumstances and I can only say that it is correct in this case. The Maureens has found several perfect melodies on this album. And then there is the eponymous debut album that only just did not make to this list.

66. Wilderness Heart. Black Mountain (2010)
This is an album from the beginning of this decade. More feeling than recollection. So I turned it on and found myself immediately in Led Zeppelin territory and rocked on after the first song. The feeling was fully justified and I should be playing this album more often. Note to self made.

65. Jupiter II. Blaudzun (2017)
My favourite of the trilogy. The bass saxophone is left behind and that gives these songs the light they need. Blaudzun is at the top of game on part II. From beginning to end this album convinces me. I skipped this tour to go and look again with 'Up'. You can't see everything.

64. Bubble Gum. De Staat (2019)
The first of two from this band from Nijmegen. After 'O' I wondered where the band could still go without stopping to be true to itself. Bubble Gum is the answer. The metal, hip hop, rock and pop mix just a little bit better again, with even a few new vantage points. Bubble Gum is as solid as brick, frivolously painted in the colours of the rainbow.

63. Lay Low. Lou Doillon (2015)
Ms. Doillon's second album and the first one I bought on LP. I used to play it regularly until the last one was released in 2019. Together with the guy from Timber Timbre she plays with different moods and settings, without losing the unity of the album for a second. With her unique voice she ties it all together.

62. O. De Staat (2016)
Close together the two albums stand in this list. 'O' is marginally better, perhaps because I know it the longest. There are so many good songs on the album, the development from 'I-Con' was so huge. In that way this is the stronger album of the two. 'Bubble Gum' simply could no longer surprise me in that sense.

61. Heartbreak Hi. The LVE (2018)
The second The LVE album in this list. I had the honour to receive the first cd right after the band members themselves. A quote from this blog is on the back of the cd. Talking about feeling honoured. That is all nice, but without the quality of the songs it would never have made it to this list. 'Sad Song' is a great song and should have been a huge hit, in any universe. The other five songs on this mini album are not that good but all so extremely nice.



P.S. Reaching the top 20 I realised I had forgotten an album. That may happen again over the coming days. It is too herculean to do it all over, so I repent in this way.

Circa # 65. The Take Off And Landing Of Everything. Elbow
Simply my favourite Elbow album.

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