woensdag 4 december 2019

Deceiver. DIIV

It's been a while since I heard a record like Deceiver. The singing reminds me of the two best albums by Teenage Fanclub from the mid 90s, starting with 'Thirteen'. The playing holds these elements as well but also has this noisy edge making Deceiver certainly more in your face than Teenage Fanclub ever was.

It is the mix that appeals to me. The pop element mixed with a shoegazing The Cure element without a fear to erupt unexpectedly into a fiery noise that obfuscates the melody to all but the intensive and attentive listener who has no difficulty following it.

Deceiver is DIIV's third full length album. You can find both other albums on this blog. Starting with 'Oshin' in 2012, followed by 'Is The Is Are' in 2016. I seem to have forgotten the existence of album 2. I do know that 'Oshin' is nice but does not hold its ground compared to Deceiver. This album holds so many more layers, surprises and plain depth that it is in a DIVV league of its own and competes with the finest albums of 2019.

Singer and songwriter Zachery Cole Smith reportedly fought and tackled some of his demons over the past years. Alas perhaps, struggle and strive inspire many artists. It certainly seems to go for Cole Smith. Deceiver is an inspired album. Together with his band mates Andrew Bailey, Colin Caulfield and Ben Newman he presents an album that is as dreamy as it can be direct. Somehow this album manages to appear as if the music is dragged through a tick layer of molten tarmac, while sparkling at the same time. Sadness with bright rays of sunlight. All combined with an indirect directness, going for the goal for sure. Records that manage to balance these qualities are often the best ones, with loads to discover as well. Deceiver holds all this and more.

This album does not need more words. If a little sadness makes you musically happy and your ears can stand the odd explosion of guitars and drums Deceiver is your album. One of the best guitar albums of 2019 easily.



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