vrijdag 12 juli 2019

These Are My Whiskey Dreams ... Christina LaRocca

Does Christina LaRocca know who she is? Listening to her album I get the impression that there must be at least four of them. So many distinctly different musical styles come by, that it becomes confusing were it not that in front of these styles is a fantastic singer who is able to glue it all together like it is normal to play all these styles on one album, with only eight songs on it. Country (rock), reggae, R&B, rock, ballads, it all comes by.

Christina LaRocca is a NYC native who moved to L.A. to work on her singing career. For These Are My Whiskey Dreams ... she was able to work with a handful of producers, for only eight songs, who have a host of familiar artists to their name. Cher, Santana, Justin Timberlake, Pharrell, Joe Cocker, just to name a few. If the aim was to show the world what she is capable of, she has certainly succeeded.

What surprises me is that I find myself willing to join her on this musical trip. Also in songs that I would usually skip. Take the second song, 'Capsized'. Following a country rock song, 'A Man Like You', the R&B and hip hop groove comes as a huge surprise. Christina LaRocca steps into Kovacs territory when the music gets a rock infusion to change its texture fully, overtaking Kovacs on the right side totally. 'Capsized' becomes a power of strength, something Pink could present to the world e.g.

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The acoustic guitar starting 'Home' announces a far more delicate side to Ms. LaRocca. Homesickness for the world she left behind is the theme of the song. A firm drums holds all the feelings together, allowing the others to manoeuvre towards melancholy feelings without falling apart. Again the strong voice of the singer captures me fully. There's so much vocal power in this body.

I will not go on and describe all the changes that follow. You have gotten my drift by now. What is surprising to me is that I am willing to follow her, even into that reggae song. A comparison to another Dutch singer may be in place. Anouk can be as versatile in her songs and singing, but given a choice I place my trust in Christina LaRocca. Her voice is more subtle in the moments it takes subtleness, where in strength the two certainly are a match.

These Are My Whiskey Dreams ... Coming to think of it, whiskey seems a remedy here for diversity. As they say of everything, when used in moderation everything can be a joy.


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