dinsdag 9 juli 2019

Mateo. Lian Ray

A single by a new artist introduced in The Netherlands by Snowstar Records. If anything Mateo makes me extremely curious to hear more by Lian Ray. I am almost certain that the last name is not a coincidence. Listening to Lian's Mateo I am reminded immediately of Lana del. (Never mind that one letter difference.) This is not the end of the story. Lian Ray may have the same kind of mood and inherent darkness hanging over this song and a deep voice as well, there is also a kind of playfulness in her song that is not always present in Lana's'. So yes, this is serious business, but let's not forget that it's entertainment as well.

And then the surprise sets in. I start reading the bio of Lian Ray and find out that he is from France and moved to Amsterdam after living in Berlin for 10 years. So Lian Ray is male. You could have fooled me! Just listening to the song I was convinced otherwise. But okay, this doesn't change anything that I am trying to convey to you here.

Mateo is a nice if not beautiful song that meanders on the sound of the keyboard, like a slow but deliberately streaming river ever going onwards. Nothing is stopping it, nothing stops Mateo. The ménage-a-trois the song is about seems to end in a bad way for the singer. Rose loves Mateo more unfortunately. This tragic fact is sung with a mix of sadness and resignation that makes the song extremely intriguing to listen to. The meandering keyboard underscores this mood in a perfect way.

If Mateo is the standard of what is to follow, the waiting is going to be very much worth our while.


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