maandag 8 juli 2019

Real Farmer. Real Farmer

A real farmer? Why not? We have programs on farmers looking for wives/husbands/partners. There's a website called "bewust boeren" (conscious farming). Ever since reading that sign somewhere past the road, we are consciously farming away in our home as "boeren" also means belching in Dutch. So there's room in my life for a band called Real Farmer, especially when they are playing the enthusiastic kind of punkrock like this band does.

There seems to be no limit to the level of enthusiasm Real Farmer endows on its listeners. It all certainly sounds familiar. Yes, this has been done before and then enter Real Farmer.

Anyone with a taste for late 70s punk, 80s new wave, alternative rock with a touch of doom has found his or her new band to follow. On 'Real Farmer' a collection of five songs is unleashed on an unsuspecting world that picks it up by the ears and shakes it around severely before letting go just as unexpectedly. With ears still red from the touch, I come back for a second helping.

Just listen how 'Nostalgia' opens. Like a pub crowd having to shout along in drunken abandon the song is sung. The double tracked vocals and harmonies suggest that singing along is the only option given to those listening. Of course things are "messed up", but the ramshackle rhythm and playing are so contagious. This is fun, messed up or not. The Clash is just a starting point here. There's a host of U.K. punk bands of 40 years back who would have loved to have songs of this quality. Here they seem to gel together, where then it was often just second hand noise and enthusiasm mistaken for quality.

In 'My Island' everything goes into overdrive. A moshpit is probably an understatement of what could happen in the 1.00 minute the song last. Longer would cause a health hazard. If anything 'My Island' is a statement. This is who we are and this is what we do. And we, Real Farmer, do it loud, fast but always in control.

Real Farmer is a band consisting of members of other bands, like Korfbal, Yuko Yuko and OOO, based in Groningen and a proud member of the local punk scene. And Groningen and its punk scene have a member to be proud of. It is easy to make a lot of noise, it is a lot less easy to make that noise shine. To stay on the farm, 'Real Farmer' is the proverbial pearl in the dung heap, discarded by the swine, embraced by


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