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2013: WoNo Magazine's favorite live shows

Photo: Tineke G.
The best picture of a live show on this blog, is a quite simple choice. Tineke G. made this beautiful picture, full of expression from a Dutch singer called Karsu. It is like Karsu is putting a spell on her audience. From the look of it, she must have had her audience mesmerised, totally captured. All this is shown to us through this picture. There is a second one in the original article by Tineke that shows Karsu enraptured herself, captured in playing her music, giving it her all. Look it up and see that one for yourself. We are proud to have Tineke G. on board as photographer and writer.

In 2013 I saw close to thirty acts play live. Some of them leaving a lasting impression, some that I have a hard time to recollect what I've seen, let alone heard. None of them bad or uninteresting, some were just unknown to me up front and not interesting enough to buy a record from on the spot. There was one band that I think played brilliantly, but the sound was so awful, that it is impossible to list the show as one of the best I heard this year: TMGS. In the venue that is know for its extremely clear sound, the Q-Bus in Leiden, everything apparently went wrong that evening. If you look at the list of best albums of 2013, you can imagine that this evening was a case of missed chances all around. So what did stand out this year, 2013?

10. The Hackensaw Boys, Patronaat café, 1 September
The return of old friends who always deliver.

9. DeWolff, LVC Leiden, 17 January
The title to my post was very well chosen. DeWolff is a rock monster that at times is or better seems, asleep. Only to wake up doubly furious.

8. Bettie Serveert, LVC Leiden, 13 March
Old hands delivered a tight show and proved to be the best indie band of The Netherlands. No doubt about it.

7. Glossy Jesus, Q-Bus Leiden, 13 September
Glossy Jesus opened the Roots in Heaven festival very convincingly. Super playing and singing.

6. Hausmagger, Waterpop Wateringen, 10 August
Totally weird, but so much fun. Punk-rock and a wannabe poet of the street in front.

5. Taymir, De Boerderij Zoetermeer, 21 December
Veni, vidi, vici, that comment suffices.

4. Jeff Hershey & the Heartbeats, Q-Bus Leiden, 9 June
Showmanship in a tailblaizing soul revue. Loads of fun.

3. Sunday Sun, Waterpop Wateringen, 10 August
The best singing outfit of all, with beautifully crafted popsongs and superb four-piece harmonies.

2. Asaf Avidan, Bevrijdingspop Haarlem, 5 May
It seems like Asaf Avidan is a man anyway. What a show, what great emotions and what songs!,

only surpassed on stage in 2013 by the beauty of this music:

Photo: Wo.
1. Sophie Hunger, Partronaat Haarlem, 13 December
What a beautiful, varied and impressive show. Enchanting and charming the whole way.


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