maandag 1 juli 2019

Loops In The Secret Society. Jane Weaver

Last year Jane Weaver debuted on these pages with her album Modern Kosmology. The album was introduced as a departure from her previous work. The album was followed by an EP single with different versions of her great song 'The Architect'.

With Loops In The Secret Society Jane Weaver takes it all a step further. Her songs, that contain the faint traces of the folk songs they (could) have been, are presented as fully electronic beast, full of synths, loops, beats and endless voice overdubs.

The result is a mostly, totally and fully intriguing album, all in one, that makes my ears ring and my brain alight. There is so much going on on Loops In The Secret Society that it is hard to keep up. There are horrible sounds, that do nothing else than drowning everything underneath it out, including myself, to be replaced by a song that comes close to what it once must have been, until all the electronics slowly by surely move in, including loops of her voice.

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The word loop is not in this title for nothing. You will find several spinning around. Nowadays that is not such a hard feat. Just a matter of timing well and add sounds to the digital device. Easier or not, Jane Weaver knows how to intrigue. Short snippets of sounds (songs?) are put in between of the songs. These songs are re-imagined songs from her two previous albums, 'The Silver Globe' (2014)  and 'Modern Kosmology' (2017). It makes for alienating experiences that somehow seem to get together making me want to hear the next experience. Even if that experience can be quite extreme. The job Jane Weaver has done on this new album is such that I truly want to hear this electronic music, where usually you will find me listening to something else on the double. Not here. Loops In The Secret Society is a musical adventure and a re-imagining of music that already existed in a different form and has been made, if not better, certainly more intriguing.


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