woensdag 17 juli 2019

The Gospel Of Moby Grape. Waiting For Henry

Scroll back through the years and you will run into Waiting For Henry a few times on this blog. The favourite reception shows though. Now in the summer of 2019 the band is back with a six song EP that rocks from the very first notes until the very end.

Yes, a lot of the country rocking music sounds very familiar, I'll grant you that. Listen to The Gospel of Moby Grape and it is not easy to start naming names. Gin Blossoms, Slobberbone, The Hold Steady, just to name a few bands that mix(ed) Americana style rock with a rough voice. So that means there are some shoes to fill. Waiting For Henry simply delivers. There's no need for frills nor thrills, just plain old playing a good song in all the right ways.

The Gospel Of Moby Grape is a bit of a change for the band towards a more rocking sound than before. I certainly do not remember the band rocking this hard. Working with Tommy Stinson (ex-The Replacements) as producer this more rough sound was achieved easily it seems. If anything the six songs on the EP are honest and straightforward. What I hear is a band at play. There may be a guitar overdub here or there but in the end this is a tight four piece outfit playing its new songs as direct as possible, and gloriously succeeding.

People expecting to hear any associations with the band Moby Grape, the 1967 psychedelic pop-folk outfit from San Francisco, will be bitterly disappointed. Those who enjoy firm U.S. Americana rock will be truly pleased and satisfied. With this new EP, Waiting For Henry's third release, the band sets an interesting new step in its career. With the rough voice of Dave Slomin, and the intricate guitar parts, supported by a tight bass and supple drums, the band more than delivers.


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