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Octave Lissner live. Sunday 18 February 2018, Paradiso, Amsterdam

Photo: Wo.
Late last year this blog reviewed 'Wildflower', the debut album of Parisien Octave Lissner and did so favourably (read on here: When Wo. found out that Lissner was to play Paradiso he made sure to have a spot to watch this show.

It seems Octave Lissner has it all. The looks, the charms, the smiles but most of all the performing quality and the songs. Lissner played the small hall of Paradiso and managed to fill it quite satisfactorily. With just a drumkit, bass and acoustic guitar on stage I wondered how Lissner would recreate his sound as it contains a piano regularly. On the other hand I was pleasantly surprised to see a band setting. I could have imagined him playing solo.

The doubting of the recreation of the sound lasted exactly half a song. Not a second did my mind wonder towards a keyboard of some sort. The power the trio showed, Octave, bass player Pierre and drummer Tiss, was fantastic. Even though I had the idea that in some songs they were still finding their way together, it never made an iota difference on the end result. Always full of swing, soul, power and conviction. The three blended rhythmically and melodically.

Photo: Wo.
Of course there were only eight songs. Those on 'Wildflower'. Four new songs were played and two covers, 'Dead Flowers' by the Stones and Bill Withers' 'Kissing My Love'. The former I know for a long time and can sing every word along to. This is a difficult if not dangerous thing to do for a starting singer-songwriter. Where in some cases the cover becomes the highlight of the evening, Octave Lissner's set did not need any boosting. Yes, it was fun hearing his version, sure. His own songs stand up. Have their own memorability.

The good news is that his upcoming songs are so promising. It may well be that 'Silent Rage' was the best song played that evening. And it may be two years before I hear it again.

Photo: Wo.
Listening to the record again while writing this review (now with a signature on the sleeve), again I'm struck how much I'm thinking of Patrick Joseph's record 'Moon King'. Live his percussive guitar playing regularly brought Jarabe de Palo to mind. The whole was Octave Lissner though. With his fabulous drummer Tiss Rodrigues and bass player Pierre Elgrishi who played so many interesting runs on his bass, Lissner put down a perfect show winning his audience over for him 100%. "My best audience ever", he could be heard saying. Now I have heard that one before, but he smiled like he meant it.

If someone can get him on the radio and in a TV show of some sort here, a breakthrough ought to be within reach. As I wrote already, Octave Lissner seems to have it all. Including the only thing that really matters to me: the music. "Did you like the show?", I was asked afterwards. "You should be big in a few years time", I answered. With a big smile Octave answered: "We'll see".


You can listen to and buy four songs from 'Wildflower'  here:

P.S. 18 June 2018: And now with a nice afterparty film clip. See if you can spot me there.

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  1. From Facebook: "Last night was quite simply fantastic! For those of you who couldn't make it; here's a great review of the show! Thank you Wo for the kind words!"

    You're welcome and well-deserved.