woensdag 3 februari 2016

Indian Askin EP. Indian Askin

Recently Indian Askin featured in a post assessing Oor's tips for 2016. I promised a review of the EP and here it is.

With its EP Amsterdam based Indian Askin dives into things indie with a psychedelic twist here and there in a way that makes listening to the music an extremely pleasant experience. 'Answer' which opens the EP, leaves no doubts about the intentions of Indian Askin. The pace is firm, while atmospherics are let in making the song float as if on a carpet hashish laden fumes. Without letting the fumes distract the purpose of the song for one second. "You don't need drugs to play psychedelic music", the guys from PAUW said in an interview somewhere. I can't put my hand in the fire here, but the music doesn't lack focus, that's for sure. Whatever the question though, the band is adamant: the answer is no, exclamation mark!

With 'Really Wanna Tell You' Indian Askin moves into Black Rebel Motorcycle Club territory. Fast paced rock with The Cure elements and again psychedelia. I like this song as I like 'Whatever Happened To My Rock And Roll. The drive is addictive and trance inducing. There's so much energy in this song. Probably a lot of fun live as well.

The shit in 'Island' seems less focused though. I remember listening to an album by Group 1850 once, 'Island' brings on the same associations. Floating for the floating? Perhaps.

The revenge comes with 'Candles'. The drums take on the song full force obliging the rest of the band to follow. A very much alive guitar solo spikes the song as do the somewhat hidden harmonies. The Beatles 1966 come forward here and there as well in the more psychedelic underwater coda of the song. 'Candles' is an instant pleaser.

Three out of four is a good score. The only thing holding me back from great jubilation is the voice of singer Chino Ayala. It remains to be seen if that lasts me for a whole album. For now, 2016 is off to a great start with another band from Dutch soil. Last year Palio Superspeed Donkey, this year Indian Askin? Who knows. This EP begs for more.

To end this post. What a beautiful cover this EP has. A true piece of art.


You can listen to 'Answer' here:


Hear and see the band let it rip at Giel 3FM. Utterly fantastic:


and buy Indian Askin on iTunes


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