zondag 19 maart 2017

Waiting To Derail. Paceshifters

Tune in your ears for some noise. On the basis of the name I'd expected to hear some surfrock. The reason I put the album aside in the tremendous load of records coming out these days. And then the band came by in the minute on DWDD. Surf rock? Ha, no! Paceshifters is in the Nirvana alternative rock spectrum of things. Kurt would have turned 50 this year, so it's time for a new generation of grunge rockers. So that my grandchildren can form or listen to their grunge band 25 years from now.

It's kind of shocking to realise that Kurt would have turned 50 this year. Frozen forever in his 20 something guise. What sort of music would he have made today? We'll never know. All grungers who lived to tell have faced or are facing their 50th birthday. It's no surprise when I look at my own age though. Time flies by, fast. Is the world waiting for another grunge record? Probably not. Is this one welcome? Oh yes, it is.

Paceshiftters is around since 2008 and Waiting To Derail is the band's fourth full length album. Brothers Paul and Seb Dokman sing and play bass and guitar, respectively. Jesper Albers bangs away on the drums.

Waiting To Derail is one of those albums that I can be extremely short and straightforward with. Why? Simply because it holds everything that I expect it to hold. Hard rocking songs on the verge of rock, punk and enough elements of powerpop to make each and every song interesting. Full of energy, enough melody and some fiery guitar riffs and solos to appeal to my voice and my body.

Being a trio it means that all have to go full force in order to create a big sound and Paceshifters' members do just that. Even when the distortion and volume know goes down Jesper Albers keeps his power up laying the foundation for the play with dynamics. The brothers both supply the rhythm and lead elements. Then a bass run, then a guitar solo or (power)chord melody.

Despite that Waiting To Derail holds all I expect from a grunge album of the Nirvana variety, it is welcome. The album holds the right kind of excitement and joins that with songs that deserve to be heard. Another band from this country that scores far above average. Something is in the water, that's for sure.


You can listen to 'Draw A Blank' here:


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