woensdag 23 december 2015

Live session. The Future's Dust

A still from Eurosonic 2014
After a long silence The Future's Dust is back. As a teaser the band released a live session on You Tube recently.

The leaving of singer Rosan Rozema was painful on all sides and led to all sorts of negative publicity. The four that remained decided to continue the name and is under way to releasing the first album. So is Rozema. In other words, we will try to be on it all.

Early 2014 this blog reviewed the EP 'Marrakech' more than favorably. So yes, we were curious what the new music would bring. In this live session The Future's Dust moves between near silence to a storm, all filmed in moody shades, blues and purples. An impressive piece of music that makes more than curious to what lies in store for 2016.

Time to start listening. I have and it is exciting.


Click for the live session here:


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