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Electric Bloom. Cromm Fallon

Listening to releases by Rum Bar Records is like stepping into a time machine. The songs sound like they were made anywhere between 40 and 55 years ago, depending on the artist. Add the adrenaline of fast rock songs, infused with enough melodies to sing along to and a potent, irresistible mix is concocted that catches me every single time.

Cromm Fallon debuted on this blog with a single from this album. The review ended with the words: "I can't wait to hear more" and here that more is.

Electric Bloom is a ten song solo record by singer and guitarist Cromm Fallon, who also plays in the Las Vegas band The Laissez Fairs. The Rum Bar time machine is fully operating. Fallon produces the kind of garage rock that after touching it comes with the obligatory washing of hands, with soap. It is dirty, greasy, loud and extremely direct. The Stooges and The Outsiders are vying for first place here. Fallon even sings like the late Wally Tax here and there. The diction and sneering of Iggy is in place as well.

With 'Out Of Control' Cromm Fallon set a level of expectation that is met by Electric Bloom. Nothing more is made of a song than is necessary. As is seems the standard here and overdubs are applied only if there is no other way out. Just listen how empty 'No Sleep' is in places. Bass, drums, electric guitar. An organ shows up recognisably at the end of the song, just like a one note guitar "solo". That is enough to make a point on Electric Bloom.

'Out Of Control' stands out with its enormously direct, loud chord progression. The song is so in my face. No escape, except for switching off the stereo set and why would I ever? The energy is extremely catchy here.

Fallon manages to produce a lot of noise but never forgets that a song needs to be that: a song. Even in the extremely punky 'The Next One' it is easy to spot the melody of the song. Devendra Weaver and Fallon can attempt to sneer it away, lucky for the world failure is an option, making 'The Next One' a total winner.

Next up is 'Electric Change', a turbo-charged psychedelic rocker. One of my favourites on the album, although I could have done without the trippy interlude. It comes with the territory I guess. The rest of the song is so extremely good. The only surprise on this album is when in Death Room, the 9th song, an acoustic guitar comes out, with a tambourine for percussion. The last song starts with a bit of feedback, so we're right back from where we started.

Electric Bloom is an anachronism, I'll grant you that, but of the kind that brings out the past in full bloom. This album is fully charged and does not hold back. Like a kick in the shin, it makes your senses come fully alive, without the pain. Cromm Fallon managed to pull off a veni, vidi, vici, with musical honours.


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