dinsdag 21 mei 2019

Cult Classic. Jon Bryant

Jon Bryant walked the road of his life for years, introspection, surrender to "a group" and distancing himself from this cult, after which he could start work on his new full length album with his love for music and the lessons of life learned strongly in mind.

The result is a soft sounding album where several other Canadian acts come forward like Half Moon Run, City and Colour and Patrick Watson. Bands that mix a dreamy way of singing with 70s singer-songwriter, modern electronics and rhythm breaks. The result is an album to dream away to. It gives me the impression that it is possible to lay myself down on the sound coming out of my speakers. In my mind I can see myself stepping onto the music and let myself be carried around on its surface through the room. Caressed and enveloped, to surrender in fully safe environment.

The music in the songs are veiled. It sort of hovers behind Jon Bryant's voice. Instruments weave themselves around each other, softly, ever so modest. Seldom jumping out of this mist of music. It becomes a whole. The wildest moments are when the beat is stopped for one moment, interrupting that sweet flow that is Cult Classic. This veiled way of presenting music makes this album so easy to follow. The music is like a current. Dare to follow it and it takes you further and further.

Cult Classic comes with a downside. Jon Bryant's high voice and his songs do become one blur of songs as the album progresses. The uniformity of the album is a point when listening intensely. Something Cult Classic deserves, without a doubt. Variation comes e.g. in the form of 'Superstition'. The tempo is taken away totally, drums are out and Bryant's voice(s) does nearly all the work. "Sweet submission", he sings and that is what the listener can allow himself to do. The mood returns, no, the mood never changed, the percussion comes back in 'The Fall', something that gives the album a little grit. The drums is the only true point to hold on to. The rest floats, dreamy, soft, silken.

It is this kind atmosphere that you need to be able to appreciate if you are to like to Cult Classic. It is the right album for a Sunday morning, for when you feel hung over in the morning, for late night romantic or restful moments. Certainly not the album to party to or find loads of energy in. For me it totally works right now and leave you to guess why.


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