dinsdag 3 januari 2017

Wono Magazine's best read posts ever, 2016

In the past nearly five years we posted over 1775 posts. Come February this blog is five years on its way. The body of work is accumulating into an online library about years of music. Some posts were viewed by so little people that I have to wonder whether anyone in the world is interested to learn more about an album by that artist. Others are viewed more and a lot more. Fact is that when an artist, record label or fan takes interest in reviews, views soar. And then there are the mysterious Russians and Ukrainians driving up views periodically. It is hard to make a distinction here. What about Syrians who view a Bowie album 177 times in one minute. Why? Is something illegal happening (due) to a post? No one ever stopped by to ask.

Anyway, since we are so long under way I decided to lengthen the top 10 to a top 25, but promise that it will not be lengthened in the future. No Top x000 here. Too much work, friends. For now thanks, once again, for your interest and we hope to welcome you to these pages again in 2017.

These are the posts that were clicked on most as per 31-12-2016.

25. (-) All Comes Down live, at Gebr. De Nobel, Leiden (2015)

      (-) Night Thoughts. Suede (2016)

23. (-) Nachtschade. The Avonden (2016)

22. (-) Interview with David Sickman of The Hackensaw Boys (2012)

21. (-) Interview with Ward Harrison of The Hackensaw Boys (2012)

20. (-) 11.11 Xander and the Peace Pirates (2016)

19. (-) Teacher Deely. Interview with Chuck Deely (2012)

18. (9) Girlyman live, at Q-Bus Leiden (2012)

17. (10) Rivers and Coastlines. The Ride. TMGS (2013)

16. (-) Box Of Letters. James Scott Bullard and the Late Night Sweethearts (2016)

15. (-) Born Free. Stillmode (2016)

14. (8) Endless Love. Sivert Høyem (2014)

13. (4) Larry and his Flask live, Q-Bus Leiden (2012)

12. (-) Canshaker Pi. Canshaker Pi (2016)

11. (6) The Kyteman Orchestra. A masterpiece? (2012)

10. (5) The Stars Are Indifferent To Astronomy. Nada Surf (2012)

9.  (-)   Lay Low. Lou Doillon (2015)

8.  (-)   Wilder Mind. Mumford & Sons (2015)

7.  (6)  The Double EP. A Sea Of Split Peas. Courtney Barnett (2014)

6.  (3)  Gé Hofenk (2012)

5.  (2)  See You On The Ice. Carice van Houten (2012)

4.  (-)   Damaged Good. Bettie Serveert (2016)

3.  (-)   Je Doet Je Best Maar Verder. Aafke Romeijn (2016)

2.  (1) One Day (Reckoning Song), Asaf Avidan (Wankelmut RMX) (2012)

1. (-) The Analogues live, at Schouwburg IJmuiden (2016)

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