maandag 23 januari 2017

Morgan Mecaskey's Kickstarter campaign "Home With You"

Over the past years we at WoNo Magazine have regularly updated you on new records by U.S. singer-songwriter Morgan Mecaskey. There's news from her record front: a promise of new music, we think you should learn about.

Thanks to that website full of free music,, I ran into the EP 'Righteous Kind', an EP that sort of blew me away. You had the opportunity to learn more about Ms. Mecaskey through an interview that was published on these pages. Next up was a new EP 'Lover Less Wild', again filled with beautiful songs. In 2015 one of my most favourite Christmas songs ever saw the day of light. Christmas was rocked up and down as if the devil was on her tail and some more. If you like to know what I'm talking about, just search for the titles just mentioned on these pages.

On Twitter I can see she's playing around the Cleveland, Ohio circuit regularly, but unfortunately I have not been in that neighbourhood off late, as in never. It is also unfortunate that it may be awhile before she comes around these climes.

Come 2017 it is time for some new music. To realise this Morgan Mecaskey is asking for your help. Although we non-Americans are discriminated some what, that is, over in Europe we can't pledge for a private show at home, there is still enough to pledge for as you can see by following the link provided below.

All the songs by Morgan Mecaskey I've heard so far are of a rare quality. The kind of songs that deserve to be picked up and cherished by all who love a great pop-rock-singer-songwriter song. If over here we were in a position to give an endorsement, we would. In lieu of that I kindly urge you to go to Morgan Mecaskey's Kickstarter page and pledge an amount of dollar to your taste so that she can make the record and I, as an undoubtedly pleasurable spin-off, can write a review of that record, that I can't wait to hear.

Enough said, here's the link:

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