donderdag 4 februari 2016

Signe Toly Anderson, 1941-2016 IM

The death of Jefferson Airplane co-founder Paul Kantner attracted quite some attention last week, but only now I found out that another former Jefferson Airplane member died in the same week. Believe it or not, Signe Anderson died on exactly the same day, 28 January 2016. Born Signe Toly in 1941, she was married to Jerry Anderson at the time and together they had a baby in 1966, the reason she left the band after only one album, 'Takes Off'.

Now Anderson's impact on the band is not as large as the other core member's. She was a background vocalist more than a true singer. Her song was the blues 'Chauffeur's Blues'. A powerful song, by which she will be remembered by rock fans loving 60s music. As an anecdote, I received this album on the eve of my 26th birthday while in Paris with some of my best friends for a few days. Some place to receive an album.

It is safe to say that Jefferson Airplane probably would not have soared with Mrs. Anderson as it did with Grace Slick. Her songwriting skills and presence were so much more profound and original. Probably fate and then take into account that Slick was second choice only.

That leaves us with that debut album of a band that gained fame and some notoriety in the later 60s. Signe Anderson's voice is nice there and in one song totally present. She's allowed to give it her all and does. A just claim to a little fame.


You can listen to 'Chauffeur Blues' here

or buy on Bol.Com

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