donderdag 18 februari 2016

Coast To Coast. Recorders

Recorders is a Belgian band. Can that be heard as a one off? No, I can't. There is one hint though at things Belgian. Some of the songs sound like A Brand, circa 2009, with a leash on and less guitarists, but that is it. Coast To Coast is an international sounding album that is close to Shearwater's latest. (Expect a review next week.)

Recorders is around since 2008. After a few EPs and singles the band released 'Above The Tide' in 2014. Two years later it is time for that second album. Frontman Gordon Delacroix changed his band around quite a lot, in other words he is Recorders. For inspiration he travelled to Sweden and the Alps and this paid off.

Coast To Coast is an album that, musically, looks back and forward. The atmosphere of the sound is as solemn as a church organ, the sounds itself totally 2016. Sometimes devoid of any emotion, like a teenager gunning away innocent bystanders in a videogame. Then comes in the strongpoint of Coast To Coast, which is warmth.The album exhumes warmth despite the at times clinical sound of the keyboards and synthesizers. Charles De Schutter was a wise choice as producer it seems, as he has brought out all this organic feeling in a clinical environment.

The most extreme Recorders is in the futuristic 'Glitch'. If this is a hint to what music will turn into in a few years time, don't expect a lot of reviews on this blog any longer. Devoid of all, like that scene with a party in the original 'Star Trek' series with future dance music. This is an exception though. In 'Undivided' Recorders does something modern pop as well. Delacroix singing high and low, making the song interesting this way.

Pop is the best description for the music of Recorders. This can take an up tempo form, sounding like Josh Ritter in his fast songs, e.g. 'Lost At Sea' or more rocking like A Brand as mentioned. Mostly it is mid tempo and more serious. Striking away 'Undivided' Recorders convinces in all forms as far as I'm concerned. I like the voice of Gordon Delacroix and I like his music.

A beautiful nature video Recorders released by the way.


You can listen to 'Lost At Sea' here:

or buy on Bol.Com

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