zaterdag 9 februari 2019

Get Away. Donna Blue

The weekend is starting the moment I set myself to listen to this beautiful single once again. "Do you want to get away with me?", is sung ever so seductively into my ears. Well, let's go, is my answer.

I get into the car and drive off into the dark night to wherever. The destination is totally irrelevant listening to this music. The light of the headlights shine on the misty road in front of us. The atmosphere puts me on a long high or byway in the U.S.'s west. Sand, dust, cacti and other denizens of the desert all around. Nothing matters as we're going away, together.

Yes, Donna Blue is back with yet another single. The album may take awhile, as has been explained to me at the 15 year Snowstar Records party late last year, where Donna Blue opened, in grand style. Get Away has that overripe melancholy flavour the duo excels in all over it. Reverb on the voice, on the guitar and a whole lot of emptiness in the mix, that colours in the sound of Donna Blue. I won't say it is unique, yet certainly Danique van Kesteren and Bart van Dalen are on to something. Blending early 60s girl pop with French pop, or yé, yé, with pure atmospherics Donna Blue comes up with a sound of its own. Totally out of sync with the past 50 years and yet something the modern Internet-driven world needs: total relaxation. Donna Blue offers escapism for those who need it and a moment of rest for those in need. For all others, like myself, the duo offers simply beautiful music, with a right accent in the right places, like the keyboard that comes in towards the end. The drums and slow plopping bass underscore what can happen when "eyes meet in the rearview mirror". At the right moment it's just us. We're here now.


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