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The Analogues Live. Wednesday 18 May 2016, Stadsschouwburg Velsen

Photo: Wo.
Do coincidences exist? On 5 January I took someone else's place due to circumstances and thus saw The Analogues perform in talkshow De Wereld Draait Door. At home we decided to buy tickets immediately for 18 May in Velsen/IJmuiden. On 18 May on the 18.00 hour news that FC Twente is relegated as a punishment for fraudulent acts. A good friend and Twente fan apped me about going to Telstar in Velsen next season and not much later I pass the Telstar stadium for the first time in my life on my way to The Analogues, apping a photo in jest. Enough about coincidences, tv shows and football. Back to music.

The story of The Analogues and the impact of the music they play was told early January. Things only got better in the Stadsschouwburg. Hundreds of babyboomers and 10 to 15 birthyears behind them gathered to celebrate the music of The Beatles. Aside small stories on instruments, the finding of said original instruments and some info on specific songs, the music did all the talking. When I closed my eyes I heard The Beatles and could picture something I have not and never will see. The Beatles live is something that a lot of people were not able to see in their lifetime. The Analogues bring the studio years to life and add some older songs for good measure.

Photo: Wo.
The official title of the tour is 'The Analogues play Magical Mystery Tour'. The show starts with that album, with the title song. The impact of just hearing one of my favourite The Beatles song in such a live setting with horns and strings and all is tremendous. A near physical experience. Every note played and sung on the album is resurrected on an original instrument where possible. The band and accompanying members switch instruments all of the time or play two within a song. Everything it takes. The Beatles played by musical archivists and archaeologists. The result is overwhelming. There's is only one comparison: Paul McCartney himself and even then.

I can imagine Sir Paul (and Ringo) at one of The Analogues' shows in the U.K. to come. To find out what his old band could not sound like at the time had they gone back to the stage. What he does not sound like today, as during his shows The Beatles' songs are interpreted on modern instruments, creating the sound of today. And he does not play songs by John and George. The Analogues do. The funky rocking version of 'Savoy Truffle'!

The power of The Analogues is that it focusses on the music and not on looking like The Beatles. No whigs, no changing suits nor matching hairstyles. Hardly any yeah, yeah, yeahs. What you see is what you get, four middle aged to senior citizens gentlemen and one significantly younger member playing the songs the best they can. Living their dream, as that is what they seem to be doing and put considerable time, effort and finances in. The production is huge. All sorts of instruments are carried on and off stage for just one song, to have that one unique sound.

Photo: Wo.
This was all observation. Time for feeling. The show as a whole felt great, but two things totally stood out. 'While My Guitar Gently Weeps' went completely through the roof. I knew the song was strong, good, emotional. Nothing prepared me for hearing it live for the first time. The Analogues played a blistering version, with Jac Bico in the Eric Clapton (yes, EC. 'God' at the time) star role, gold topped Les Paul and all. The kind of guitar solo that I just do not want to stop. Neither did Bico it seemed. All underscoring the fantastic songwriter George Harrison had become by 1968.

The second absolute highlight for me was the final part of 'Abbey Road', from 'Golden Slumbers' to 'The End'. All these little snippets of music that together make the arguably best album side ever made. To hear that was beyond believing and the end of this show. Before the encore.

This takes nothing away from all the other songs. O.k., let me mention 'I Am The Walrus'. Another highlight, this one from the first set. One where the strings could excel, celebrating the qualities of George Martin. There were several surprises, but as Jan van der Meij said, whatever we play: "they are all good". The Analogues is the only chance to get this close to The Beatles as they sounded at the end result of months in Abbey Road studio. If you're a fan: go and hear them. I think the world could become their home soon. The Analogues is a world class act. Next up: 'Sgt. Peppers'. I simply can't wait.


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