donderdag 13 juni 2019

Hawk Hill. Para Lia

A new single from an album that never reached me, 'Soap Bubble Dreams', released in March of 2019. If anything the three songs of Hawk Hill make me curious to hear more from Para Lia. (παραλία in Greek, meaning coast or beach).

Hawk Hill is a great rock song but with loads of pop hidden into the fabric of the song, making it quite infectuous. This is not an exception, as proven the song that follows, 'Over It'. One of those bittersweat rocksongs that manages to capture the longing for and expectation of a better situation and the pain of the current one perfectly. "We will get over, me and you". The optimism shows in the sorrow, while the acute pain is captured in the outro guitar solo. Soaring it is.

Para Lia is a duo, René and Cindy Methner who both come from a former East-German town called Falkenberg (hawk mountian). If anything Para Lia shows the opportunities the east has been offered after die Wende. Good things do come from it, but like all in the west, you have to grab, even create your own opportunities offered by the building blocks society offers all. Like Talk Talk sang decades ago "Life's what you make it". Para Lia certainly has made something worthwhile. If the album is as good as the three songs on Hawk Hill, it must be extremely good.

Promo photo: Mrs. Agnes Sommer
In Para Lia René creates all the music, playing all the instruments, his wife Cindy singing background vocals. In Hawk Hill they look back on Falkenberg and how the town went under after die Wende. The school closed, the factories closed and they both left, only afterwards meeting each other it seems. "Goodbye Hawk Hill Lane, I don't miss you ... I still love you", the inner conflict on a past long gone captured in a few lines. And above all in a good song. If this was René Methner's "Penny Lane moment" it was one to be proud of.

It seems I have some more listening cut out for me. If things are all this good, I will come back with the whole album to you.


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