donderdag 27 april 2017

Wonderful Woman. Chuck Berry

Were recently two obituaries on Chuck Berry published on this blog, following his death in March, because of it I found out that he was in the process of releasing a new record, 'Chuck'. His demise at the age of 90 came just too soon to see the release. The first song of 'Chuck' is online. You can find it on Spotify and with an accompanying story here,, on the website of the New Yorker with a small story to go. The main solo is played by Gary Clarke Jr. who tosses in some fine Chuck Berry licks.

No, I was not born when Chuck had his greatest hits and released his most famous songs. I even have to admit that I haven't heard one of his albums. Just the famous songs, and on a horribly bad sounding compilation cd at that, with for 50% bad sounding live recordings of unclear origins. Until Spotify came along.

That may be about to change. 'Wonderful Woman' is a vintage Chuck Berry song, with some fine licks. Incredibly fresh in sound despite sounding so familiar. It seems like Chuck Berry will release a fine goodbye album, adding to his legacy, which already is unmeasurable. Without Berry the musical face of the world would have been very different. It is 2017, the world is getting ready for a new Chuck Berry album. Unbelievable as that may sound.


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