zaterdag 29 april 2017

Naturally. Rondé

Every once in a while just a single song makes it to these pages and it is time for that while again. Despite the fact that this song is on the radio for months on end and was nominated for best song of the year by 3FM, it just did not want to become a real hit it seems. It's beyond me why it doesn't and how that horrible song called 'Amigo' could trump Naturally.

Rondé featured on these pages before in my assessment of Oor's tips for 2015. My conclusion was that on the basis of the song 'Run', I'd give Rondé the benefit of the doubt.

Come 2017 I am proven right, although again on the basis of just one song. Naturally is so powerful. When I heard it come by on the radio for the first time, I could not believe my ears. Is this from NL? It sounds like a master dance track, with loads of pop and rock elements in there to dance all over breakfast, the only time I have the radio on during the day.

Singer Rikki Borgelt's voice is a little worse for wear in sound. The sort of voice from Adele to Duffy and Amy. Somehow it sounds better taken care of. There's no a moment she is sounding strained. This is what it is, no forcing. Behind her the rhythm is set free, begging dancing. A fierce drum is the force behind it all. Hard hitting is the standard driving on everything in front of it. Like the whip driving on the rowing crew of a Roman galley. Take the rhythmic playing on the piano right after the intro singing. Just as powerful.

The strength of Naturally is that not all is a driving rhythm. The song is carefully compartmented into rhythmic sessions, hard rocking and dreamy sequences. The classic Police/Nirvana build-up of course, but doing its work superbly in Naturally.

I haven't heard anything else yet by Rondé. Hereby a promise to do so soon. Whatever the album sounds like, with Naturally Rondé has produced a classic Dutch song that fits perfectly into that long line of classic rock singles starting with 'Kom Van Dat Dak Af' in 1960. Life is full of surprises, this one is so nice.


You can listen to Naturally here:

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